About Us

From the time I was a child it was obvious that I had a unique perspective on life. This perspective allowed me to align with circumstances, and live more from happiness and fulfillment. I would often find myself wanting to share the way I saw the world with others who were suffering; just to find myself stumped in not having the words to explain my perspective fully. This set me on a journey to search for a universal language that could cross boundaries, cultures, race and creed.

In 2019, while flying at 30,000 feet and contemplating my 20 year career in this work, I was deeply inspired on how to bring this knowledge to the world in a sustainable way.  

​                      To Be Legacy was born. 

We created a leverageable program that contains the power to recognize our own infinite essence, which transforms individual identity & community culture. We invite everyone who is ready to recognize their own brilliance to show up for themselves and others, by joining us in the next wave of human consciousness.

                       – Jonathan Rhoades